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The first websites ending with .lgbt go online

Yes there are now websites with the .lgbt domain extension, such as outnow.lgbt.

Read the article on the BBC website.

Item archived 4/9/2015 : Item added 12/2/2015

Russia extends it's discriminatory laws Russia says drivers must not have sex disorders.

The disorders listed include Transsexual, Transgender, Voyeurism, Fetishism and Exhibitionism.
Also listed are "Pathological" gambling and compulsive stealing.
All are listed as 'mental disorders' and 'sufferers' will not be allowed to drive because they cause accidents.

Read the full article on the BBC website.

Item archived 4/9/2015 : Item added 9/1/2015

Legacy of homophobic Section 28 looms over schools in Wales.

87% of secondary school teachers say homophobic bullying happens in their school.

85% of school staff not received specific training on how to tackle homophobic bullying.

A third of teachers hear homophobic language from other school staff.

See 'The Teachers Report' on the downloads page.

Item archived 4/9/2015 : Item added 17/12/2014

Wales team in anti-gay abuse campaign after Nigel Owens abuse

The Wales rugby squad and the Welsh Rugby Union have joined a campaign to help tackle abuse and bullying.

The move comes after referee Nigel Owens was subjected to homophobic abuse at Twickenham during England's loss to New Zealand two weeks ago.

Read the article on the BBC website.

Item archived 4/9/2015 : Item added 23/11/2014

End of Life care for LGBT people.

This video on youtube has been produced in association with the "Open to all?:  Meeting the needs of LGBT people nearing the end of life" report from the National Council for Palliative Care.

Item archived 4/9/2015 : Item added 5/11/2014

Six UK universities get top marks for gay-friendliness

Universities’ provisions for lesbian, gay and bisexual students are improving year-on-year, according to ratings by Stonewall

Read the article from the Guardian.

There is more information about Stonewall's 'GaybyDegree' website on the Links page.

Item archived 4/9/2015 : Item added 17/9/2014

Thousands sexually abused in prison

Thousands of inmates are sexually assaulted in prisons in England and Wales each year, research suggests.
A commission set up by the Howard League for Penal Reform estimated that every year 1-5% of inmates - as many as 4,000 people - could be raped or abused.

Read the article on the BBC website.

Click here to read a response from an ex-prisoner.

To read more on prison conditions see the link to the blog Prison UK on the Links page.

Click here to read a Barrister's blog on the same subject.

Item archived 4/9/2015 : Items added 5/1/2015

The tricky business of policing sex in public

Once any kind of sex in public might have led to arrest and prosecution. Now police across much of the UK take a softly-softly approach.

Read Julie Bindel's article on the BBC website.

Item archived 4/9/2015 : Item added 16/9/2014

Being gay is illegal in 77 countries

In Britain lesbian, gay and bisexual people enjoy almost full legal equality. Globally it’s a different story, male homosexuality is still illegal in over 77 countries worldwide and female homosexuality is still illegal in 49. In five countries homosexuality is punishable by death, in seven by life imprisonment and in six by hard labour.

77 countries make same-sex relationships a crime

and of those 5 impose the death penalty

1,509 cases of murdered trans people have been reported since 2008

On the plus side -

61 countries protect LGB people from discrimination in employment

14 countries have equal marriage

15 countries allow same-sex couples to adopt children

Read the article on Stonewall's website.

As a foot note, it is still legal in 20 US States for a landlord to evict a tenant simply for being gay! and in 29 US States a person can be sacked for being gay!

Item archived 22/2/2015 : updated 1/6/2015

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