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The Economic Cost of Homophobia

On Tuesday 19 June 2018, the Peter Tatchell Foundation launched a new study into discrimination that sheds an entirely new light on the effects of inequality.

Anti-LGBT+ legislation is bad for the economy and the 71 countries that still criminalise homosexuality are losing out on the economic advantages that more progressive nations enjoy.

Our report, The Economic Cost of Homophobia, doesn’t gloss over the human rights abuses endured by hundreds of millions of LGBT+ people worldwide but conclusively proves that discriminating nations have yet another reason, apart from human decency, to repeal unjust, outdated and unnecessary laws.

Click here to read or download the report.

Item added 20/6/2018

Stonewall 'Coming Out Guide'

A must read guide from Stonewall for people who are considering 'coming out'.

Item added 9/10/2014.

Planning for later life : A guide for LGB people.

This guide from Stonewall has been prepared in co-operation with the Co-Op.

Item added 18/7/2014.

The Teachers Report : Homophobic bullying in Britain's schools.

87 per cent of secondary school and 45 per cent of primary school teachers still say that pupils in their school, regardless of sexual orientation, experience homophobic bullying. There has been no real improvement [over the last 5 years] in the proportion of teachers who believe that their head shows clear leadership in this area and it is of deep concern that around a third of teachers report hearing homophobic remarks from their colleagues.

This is a pdf document from Stonewall.

Item added 17/12/2014.

School Report 2017, The experiences of lesbian, gay, bi and trans young people in Britain’s schools in 2017, from Stonewall.

This is a pdf document.

Item added 29/6/2017.

Tackling homophobic language : A guide for teachers

This is a pdf document from Stonewall.

Item added 12/7/2014.

Tackling homophobic language Pupil's guide : A guide for pupils

This is a pdf document from Stonewall.

Item added 27/5/2014.

How to report hate crime : 10 Reasons why you really should. A guide from Stonewall.

Even in the 21st century people are still being abused or attacked simply because they’re gay, black, Muslim, trans, disabled ...
Whether it’s being shouted at, threatened, beaten up, having your car vandalised or being conned out of money, being targeted simply because you’re different is wrong and needs to be stopped.

This is a pdf document.

Item added 2/4/2014.

Stonewall have published their Healthcare Equality Index 2015

Stonewall’s Top Ten healthcare organisations in England are committed to improving the health of lesbian, gay and bisexual people. These healthcare organisations recognise the importance of promoting equality and have taken active steps to improve their services for lesbian, gay and bisexual patients.

Unfortunately the index doesn't cover Wales, but it highlights the variation in healthcare that LGBT people experience.

This is a pdf document.

Item added 25/10/2015.

Care Home Survey: Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Concerning LGBT Residents

In response to an online survey and following visits to seven care homes in the East Midlands and Northwest regions, one hundred and eighty nine (189) care home staff in England completed a questionnaire.
The sample was mostly female (82%), middle-aged (between 41 and 60), white British (94%), Christian (48%), heterosexual (92%) and working as a care assistant (32%) or in a managerial role (34%).
There is lots of individual goodwill towards old/older lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) residents but care homes could be doing more to address the issues in a more strategic way.

This is a pdf document.

Item added 24/2/2014.

International Briefing on the situation for LGBT people in India

Stonewall have published their latest International Briefing on the situation for LGBT people in India following the decision in December 2013 to re-criminalise homosexual acts.


This is a pdf document.

Item added 19/2/2014.

Implications of austerity for LGBT people and services

This report (dated November 2013) was prepared for Unison by NATCEN Social Research

"In May 2010, the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition government began introducing a series of significant and sustained reductions in public spending intended to reduce the budget deficit. Often referred to as austerity cuts these reductions are cuts in funding to or via government departments. In 2010 it was planned that nonprotected departmental spending would be cut by 10.6% by 2015. Other cuts have occurred through job freezes, changes to pensions and 1% pay cap in the public sector. Of particular significance are cuts in local authority spending and related services in the voluntary and community sector, where many specialist LGBT services are situated."

"This report presents the findings of qualitative research conducted by NatCen Social Research to provide detailed insight into the effects of austerity on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and the services they use."

This is a pdf document.

Item added 10/1/2014.

Workplace Equality Index - 5 year review 2013

Stonewall publishes review of ‘best in class’ Workplace Equality Index

Stonewall publishes five year review of Workplace Equality Index.
Over 800 employers across Britain have benchmarked using WEI
Review demonstrates new challenges for gay people at work

Stonewall today (13/11/2013) publishes a ground-breaking review of its annual Workplace Equality Index which finds it continues to be ‘best in class’. The review confirms that organisations that took part year-on-year see tangible transformations in their workplaces.
The Workplace Equality Index Five Year Review, supported by EY, shows that the Index remains the most effective proven tool in Britain for improving the lives of lesbian, gay and bisexual people at work.

If you would like to see this years top 100 employers go to the Links page.

This is a pdf document.

Item added 14/11/2013.

Homophobic Hate Crime - The Gay British crime survey 2013

This report from Stonewall is the result of the latest survey of homophobic crime across the UK.

"No-one should live in fear of verbal or physical violence just because of the way they were born. Yet for many lesbian, gay and bisexual people in Britain today, that remains the case.
This report reveals that one in six lesbian, gay and bisexual people – 630,000 - have been the victim of a homophobic hate crime or incident over the last three years. It finds that gay people still suffer abuse in all areas of their life – from strangers, neighbours, workmates and even family. The abuse ranges from verbal insults and harassment to physical assault. The picture is similar across Britain."

This is a pdf document.

Item added 20/10/2013.

Protecting lesbian, gay and bisexual people - A practical guide for police forces

Stonewall's guide for UK Police authorities.

"Thanks to recent changes in the law, 21st century Britain provides lesbian, gay and bisexual people with full legal equality. Regrettably, however, Stonewall research demonstrates that too many gay people still don’t get an appropriate level of support from those responsible for enforcing those hard-won legal protections."

This is a pdf document.

Item added 20/10/2013.

LGBT people in Britain still expect discrimination

The report from Stonewall "Gay in Britain" reveals that most LGBT people expect discrimination in many aspects of life.

"This research, conducted by YouGov for Stonewall, examines the expectations and lived experiences of Britain’s 3.7 million gay people. For all the progress that’s been made, they continue to face disadvantages in many walks of life; from education and healthcare, to playing sport or reporting a crime.
Many lesbian, gay and bisexual people also expect to be discriminated against if they stand for political office, want to foster a child or consider becoming a magistrate or a school governor."

This is a pdf document.

Item added 27/8/2013.

Have you experienced Homophobic crime?, This booklet from Stonewall is a guide to how the Criminal Justice agencies respond to homophobic crime and the steps you can take towards stopping such crime.
Also in Cymraeg.
These are pdf documents.

Homophobic Abuse Physical or Verbal is a Criminal Offence this poster was a development from the Drink Mat project (see the Health page). The poster will be seen on Arriva buses across North Wales.

Click the image for a larger (pdf) version

Disability Hate Crime is unacceptable

This poster will be seen on Arriva buses across North Wales

Disability poster
Click the image for a larger (pdf) version

Discrimination at Work (Sexual Orientation). If you are being (or have been) discriminated against at work because you are gay, lesbian or trans then this booklet will be useful. This is a pdf document from the Department of Trade and Industry.

Adults: Safer from Sexual Crime, The Home Office leaflet explaining the Sexual Offences Act 2003, this leaflet gives a very clear definition of rape and other sexual assaults as defined in the Act.
The crime of 'male rape' came onto the statute book in 1994 and the leaflet clarifies this devastating crime as well as other sexual crimes that men can suffer. A pdf document.


SomePeopleBi01 SomePeopleEng01
Click for a larger image of these posters

These posters are also available in other languages:-

Welsh (not bilingual), French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Swahili
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Posters from Stonewall

Hate Crime Posters, posters you can download and print for display in your club, school or local pub.
The left poster is Cymraeg, the right poster English. These are jpg files (photos).

Poster Cymraeg Hate Poster English
Click for a larger image of these posters
For an even larger image to print click here Cymraeg or English
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Most of the above documents are pdf files, to read these you will need Adobe Acrobat on your computer. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat on your computer you can download a free copy here Acrobat link.

The purpose of this website is to provide information to the LGBT community in Gwyneddand across North Wales.
If you have any information that you think will be of interest please contact clive@gaygwynedd.co.uk

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